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IMPORTANT - MUST READ: Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), agents are not allowed to give a copy of the background screening report to applicants or owners. The background screening report is the sole property of Florida Realty Of Miami. IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE, APPLICANTS MAY CONTACT ACUTRAQ FOR A COPY OF THE REPORT. ONLY ACUTRAQ CAN RELEASE THE REPORT. You may go over the information with your applicant or owner but they are not allowed to receive a copy. If you have questions please email or call 479-439-9174.

Tenant Screening for Florida Realty of Miami Agents

Florida Realty of Miami has partnered with ACUTRAQ Background Screening to give our agents a fast, easy and affordable solution for screening prospective rental clients.

Agents must first register with ACUTRAQ in order to use the QuickApp tenant screening application from ACUTRAQ.

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Using the Quick App

Send your applicants an email inviting them to initiate the application process. Applicants then submit their information and pay for the application from their computer or mobile device.

  1. Log in and Click the ORDER tab
  2. Select the package you wish to use
  3. Click on the QuickApp button
  4. Accept terms
  5. Enter applicant's name and email address (other fields also available for reference purposes)
  6. Click Send

Your client will receive an email from you with instructions on how to proceed. Once your applicant has submitted the background check, ACUTRAQ will process the background check and send you an email notifying you when it is complete so you may log in and access the report.

Quick App - Help Mary
Animated video showing how agents can help clients and themselves by using the QuickApp from ACUTRAQ
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